Sunday, November 9, 2014

Aventador inspired 3D Paper Models (PaperCraft)

High Detail Grade 3D Paper Model in PDO file format.  PDO file included 2D template and act like a 3D instruction.

Aventador Lockdown Grey 1:10 SCALE

Aventador Arancio Red 1:10 SCALE

Aventador Pure White 1:10 SCALE


Aventador Lockdown Grey 1:24 scale

Aventador Arancio Red 1:24 scale

Aventador Pure White 1:24 scale


Builded product pictures:

Posed with bumblebee.

What you get is PDO file with pages of patterns to build the Aventador of your choice. 

✳︎ PDO file included the template in 2D to be print out and 3D drawing of the side by side with the template. The software will let you pin point each part in template to the 3D model drawing, so it will act like an instruction.

PDO files are to be open with Pepakura Viewer PC only (get it here) .

If you only have Mac, you can try to run Pepakura Viewer on Mac 
by using Wineskin app.Please watch Tutorial below:

Materials needed to build the paper craft:

- A4 or Letter size Papers 

  • For 1:24 version you need to print it on 140gm ~ 160gm papers and for 1:10 version need to be print it on 200gm papers.

- A inkjet printer to print the patterns.

- Paper Cutting tools

- Paper glue (white glue)

Front exploded view.
Back exploded view.

Instructions are not required, interactive build instructions are in the pepakura viewer.